delete find estimate estimate list faq lost estimate estimate disappeared deleted my estimates I Can't Find an Estimate in my Estimate List. Where is it?

There are a few common reasons users can't find a specific estimate.

Are you sure you're looking in the right list? (there are Standard Estimates and Service Estimates).

  1. Are you sure you're looking at ALL COMPANY estimates and not just your own? For more information, click HERE.
  2. Do you have anything in the SEARCH box?  Make sure your search box is blank (will search all) or that you are correctly spelling what you are searching for.
  3. Are you filtering by Status?  Make sure your status dropdown is set to [ALL STATUSES].
  4. Has the estimate been archived? When you delete an estimate, the first (default) option is to just archive it. There's an Active and/or Archived estimates dropdown on the far right of the estimates list.  Make sure it is set correctly.


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