payroll payroll item missing payroll codes Quickbooks error Could Not Add Time For Task ERROR: Could Not Add Time For Task. Payroll Item Missing.

The payroll code that's assigned to the job that employee worked on has not been setup for that employee in QuickBooks, so QuickBooks has no idea what to pay the employee.

Every employee (in QuickBooks) has payroll item(s) that dictate the wage they get paid and the chart of account that wage gets expensed to. What QuickBooks is saying is that you have an employee who doesn't have a payroll code setup that matches the payroll code LMN Time is trying to export.

Your payroll codes are setup in LMN under the SETTINGS menu and under PAYROLL CODES.

Your company 'default' payroll codes are found in the SETTINGS | PAYROLL menu at the bottom of that screen.  

It's also possible that the job is using a custom payroll code.  Your default payroll codes can be overridden in 1 of 2 places:

  • Look at the record(s) that are erroring out. They have a job name/id. 
  • Job  (open the Job that's raising the payroll code error.  Click the PAYROLL tab to see if that job has setup custom payroll codes.  Any employee(s) working on that job will have to have those payroll codes setup in their Quickbooks record)
  • Job Type (go to SETTINGS | JOB TYPES, open the job type that's been assigned to the job that's raising the payroll code error, and then click the PAYROLL tab.  That will show the payroll codes being applied to that job)

Click here to watch a video on setting up Payroll Codes



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