overtime quickbooks overtime wrong overtime hours overtime error not calculating overtime properly timesheet error ERROR: Overtime Hours are not Getting Calculated/Pushed Across to QuickBooks Correctly

    • In LMN Time, check the Settings | Payroll screen – make sure your OT settings are correct
    • Generate a PAYROLL SUMMARY – DAILY HOURS report for the same period. Make sure its correct
    • If both are correct, it’s a Quickbooks setup issue… check the employee record in QB
      • Open Employee
      • Open PAYROLL tab
      • Make sure there are OT Payroll items added for employee
      • Make sure USE TIME DATA TO CREATE PAYCHECKS is checked ON
    • If there are no OT payroll items for employee, you need to setup OT payroll items to tell Quickbooks what wage(s) to pay the employee when on OT hour


If the OT hours are not showing up on a report as OT hours and only regular hours, it is likely that you have set a certain task to "exclude from overtime calculations". 

To check this setting:

      • Look up the employees timesheet that does not have OT hours included
      • Check each job/task to make sure this setting is not checked off: Jobs > click into the job > click into the task > make sure the "exclude from overtime calculations" check box is not checked off. If it is, uncheck it and try pulling the report again.


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