quickbooks error payroll status timesheet import error cannot import time One or More Employees Who Have a Problem Problem With their Payroll Status. timesheet export issue can't import tim ERROR: LMN Sync Has Detected One or More Employees Who Have a Problem With their Payroll Status.

Reason: the “USE TIME DATA TO CREATE PAYCHECKS” option is undefined for one or more of your employees in Quickbooks.


  1. Open Quickbooks
  2. Open an Employee
  3. Click the Payroll Info tab for that employee
  4. On the bottom of the left side of the screen, there’s a checkbox USE TIME DATA TO CREATE PAYCHECKS
  5. Turn checkbox on  (You can turn the checkbox off again immediately if you don’t want to use Time Data for paychecks)
  6. Save employee

Repeat for all employees.

That will fix the error.  The flag can be set to ON or OFF but when an employee is first created, Quickbooks counts that flag as UNDEFINED until you specifically set the employee to ON or OFF and save your changes.  Once saved as ON/OFF, the problem is resolved.


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