Where do I start when setting up LMN Scheduling?

Not every step below is required for all companies.  If you don't do any service/maintenance type work, there's a step or two you'll be able to skip.  However, if you follow the steps below, in this order, and watch the help video for each, you'll be in great shape when getting your scheduling app setup for the season.


Setup your holidays.  They're not mandatory, just helpful for warning you if you have scheduled work on a stat holiday.  Takes just a few min.   Click here to watch the help video


Setup your crews.  For scheduling, crews are generic.  They are not tied to specific person(s).  That way, if someone's sick, quits or is dismissed, your schedule doesn't need any fixing.  You just assign a new person to the designated crew.    Click here to watch the help video.


Setup your service types.  Service types are for companies who do grounds maintenance and/or recurring service work.  They are not required for installation/construction type scheduling.  Service types allow you to schedule the exact service to happen on a specific date (e.g. Spring Fertilization, or Grub Control) so that you can track exactly what services were completed for each job and when.  LMN comes with some service types setup for you to give you an idea of what they are used for.  Feel free to use them, or delete them as necessary.  Click here to watch the help video.


Setup your work calendars.  We include two work calendars setup for you, but you should review the settings for each one.  Work calendars enable you to organize your schedules by type of work, but they're also critical for determining whether your jobs need recurring (like maintenance) schedules, or consecutive days (like construction) schedules.  Click here to watch the help video. 


That's it for the basics of getting scheduling setup.  If you want to try scheduling your first job(s), here's some links to tutorial videos that will help get your jobs in the schedule.

How to schedule construction/installation type work

How to schedule service/maintenance type work with regular schedules

How to schedule service/maintenance type work with irregular schedules

How to schedule service/maintenance type with unpredictable schedules (like snow and ice)

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