unit pricing faq sq ft square foot Estimates: Can I do square foot pricing in LMN Estimating?

LMN estimating is not designed to do simple square foot pricing.  If you want to price by the square foot, any spreadsheet can handle that.

The problem with square foot pricing is that you can never be sure whether you're recovering enough labor, equipment, materials and overhead costs in your estimate. You might be close, but you can't be sure.

The other problem with square foot pricing is that all the information about the job is stuck in the head of the person who sold it!  Crews cannot get a job done in $15/sq foot!  To truly build a business that doesn't require you to micromanage every job, you need to have an estimating system that plans:

  • How many labor hours
  • What equipment was planned for the job
  • What materials?  How many?  What colors + sizes etc?
  • Enough overhead recovery 
  • And a fair profit for the business

Square foot pricing might be good enough to get you "the sale", but it's not good enough to build a business that runs itself.


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