spanish app training learn crews english faq LMN Time App: My crews aren't very tech-saavy, and many don't speak English as a first language. Will it work for us?

First and foremost, most people in our industry (landscape) didn't come from a tech background.  Just about every customer we have started with the same question..

Will my crews be able to do this?

We're extremely proud to say, we've never had a single cancellation because some company's crews "couldn't get it".  Not one.

LMN Time was built by landscape contractors for our crews.  We knew it had to be simple, and we made about as easy to use as it could possibly be.

  • It's faster and easier than paper.  You don't have to worry about the right address, the right date, AM/PM, and the system won't let the crews past the screen if they haven't filled out the information correctly.  On paper, crews can make any number of mistakes and it's up to the office to fix them.
  • Most of the action buttons are pictures, not words, so it's easy for those who don't speak the language to learn to use it
  • You can enter notes, job names in any language you wish
  • The GPS tracking will auto-suggest jobs for your crews, based on their current location.  It will show the closest 3 jobs to the crew at the top of the list
  • You can organize your jobs by type, route, ID# or anything else you'd like
  • Crews can only clock in to tasks that you've setup for the job - eliminating much of the confusion and disconnect between the field and the office staff when trying to get good jobcosting numbers
  • There are training videos built for you specifically designed to teach the crews how to use it

To see how easy LMN Time is for your crews: 

Click here to watch the crew training videos


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