How do I change the daily working hours for an construction (non-recurring) job's entire schedule?

These instructions will allow you to increase or decrease the daily working hours for a construction (non-recurring) job's entire schedule.

This is useful if you're falling behind on a job and want to extend the working days to get caught up, or if you're shortening the working days due to heat or other factors.

  1. Find the earliest visit on the schedule that you wish to extend.  These changes will only affect visits on or after the selected date.
  2. Click the Edit Visit button to make changes to that visit
  3. Click the Edit Sched tab on the left to make change to the job's entire schedule.
  4. Choose the dropdown option to Change this Job's Schedule Starting From This Work Day
  5. It's a good idea to check the Remaining Schedule Time at the bottom of the screen now.  Remember how many estimated days are remaining on the schedule.
  6. Change the Productive Crew Hours Per Day field to how much time you want the crew to spend on the job each day  (note that this time is in crew hours, not man hours)
  7. Double-check the new Remaining Schedule Time at the bottom of the screen.  Make sure you're comfortable with the job's new remaining schedule.  It may have changed based on extending or decreasing the daily working hours.
  8. Click the Adjust Schedule button to save the adjustment

That visit and any future visits will have their daily working hours increased/decreased based on your change.

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