How do I change the scheduled weekday for an entire recurring schedule?

Moving the date of a single visit is simple, but if you need to move an entire contract (or year's) worth of visits, you'd be there a while.

There's a much easier way to change the scheduled weekday for an entire series of visits.

  1. Find the first weekday on the schedule you want to change.  Opening the earliest visit is important as the weekday change will only affect visits after the selected visit.
  2. Click the Edit or Edit Visit button for this first visit you want to change
  3. Click the Edit Sched tab on the left side of this screen.  This is how you change settings for an entire schedule, not just a single visit.
  4. Choose the dropdown option to Change the Weekday for All Future Visits
  5. Select the new weekday
  6. Click the Update Weekday button

That will automatically move all future visits for this job from the current weekday to the new weekday.  See the screenshot below for what your screen should look like.


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