Can LMN automatically schedule recurring visits for maintenance or service type jobs?

Yes.  You can set a job up for any recurring schedule, but you can also create pre-defined recurring schedule templates to make it really easy to schedule out a year's worth of work on a maintenance or service contract.

You can also schedule two different types of service-type work:


1. Regular Recurring - This includes work like lawn care or grounds maintenance where the work happens at very predictable scheduling intervals (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly)

Click here to watch a video on how LMN schedules regular recurring maintenance/service contracts.


2.  Irregular Recurring - This includes work such as fertilization or week control.  It's repeatable work that happens at irregular intervals.  (e.g. twice in spring, once in summer, once in fall)

Click here to watch a video on how LMN schedules irregular recurring maintenance/service contracts.

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