quickbooks jobcosting payroll faq external What if I use an outside payroll system for my payroll? Can it still do jobcosting?

LMN Time will still track, up-to-the-minute, the number of hours on a job.  It can also export payroll hours to .pdf reports or Excel spreadsheets, which many payroll systems can use to import employee payroll hours.

The problem with most outside payroll companies is that they don't give you back payroll information in a job-by-job breakdown.  Most companies give you a single journal entry that tracks payroll for accounting, but doesn't break down the costs by job.  So LMN Time can give you the exact number of hours spent on a job, but you won't know the true payroll costs.

QuickBooks does not apply the costs of wages to a job until paychecks are generated from timesheets.  Unless you're using Quickbooks to produce the paychecks, you won't be able to get true jobcosting out of Quickbooks.

So you have two options:

  1. You can continue to use your existing payroll service.  You won't get exact jobcost data for every job, but LMN Time will give you the exact hours, and that will give you and your staff an excellent indication of what jobs went right, and what jobs went wrong.
  2. You can investigate using QuickBooks Payroll service.  They offer several different levels of service, ranging from completely self service, to an option where you do your paycheques and they do your tax calculations, to a full-service option.  

There are some great advantages to using QuickBooks for payroll - and jobcosting is the biggest one of them.  


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