guide schedule review how do I see what was done seeing completed work rain day moving schedule see whole schedule what was skipped overdue work Using the 'Schedule Review' to Track the Status of Scheduled Visits

As crews work on jobs, they'll be prompted to set the status of these service types as completed (or not) as they clock out of jobs.  You can use the Schedule Review screen to see what work is scheduled, what work was completed, and what work is overdue in just a few clicks of a mouse.

To view the Schedule Review, click on Schedule and then the Schedule Review on the left-hand menu.

To Filter the report, access the drop-downs at the top of the screen:

  • View: toggle between work that is OVERDUE, SCHEDULED, SKIPPED, or COMPLETED
  • Calendar: toggle to show ALL CALENDARS or browse through specific Calendars
  • Service Type: toggle to show ALL SERVICE TYPES or browse through specific Service Types
  • Crews: toggle to show ALL CREWS or browse through specific Crews

You can also sort each header (JOB ID, JOB NAME, VISIT, VISIT TYPE, DATE, CREW, OVERDUE) in ascending/descending order by clicking on the header in question.

To View, Edit or Delete any of these scheduled visits, click on the  on the far-right.

To Print your Schedule Review based off of your Filters, click on the  to generate a PDF report.


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