budget estimate faq Do I have to have a budget in order to create estimates?

Yes, you do.  Your budget is what LMN is going to use to make sure you're covering all the costs of the job:

  • Labor - incl. wages, overtime, downtime, taxes/burden
  • Equipment - incl. both leased and a fair return on owned equipment
  • Materials - incl. warranty + shipping
  • Subcontractors
  • Overhead - incl. all non-billable costs specific to your company
  • and, of course, a fair Net Profit

Without an operating + overhead budget, you can only guess/hope that each job is priced correctly.. and guessing is exactly what LMN is designed to eliminate.

Most companies finish a budget in less than a day... and once they're up and running - they wonder how they ever estimated without one.

Sample Budgets

Note that LMN Trials and new LMN Accounts do have sample budgets setup for you so you can see how estimating/pricing works before you actually enter your company's budget. But we strongly recommend creating your customized company budget before estimating actual jobs


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