Will LMN's scheduling automatically reschedule a rain day?

No.  We tried more than a few ideas, but rescheduling rain days - or any other major delays - cause a number of problems that need human decision-making.

  • What happens to other jobs that weren't delayed but can't have their time shifted due to contractual commitments?
  • Is the delay during a "slow" period when we can make up the work a little bit each day or will we require weekends to get caught up?
  • How do you make sure that jobs that need to be done at a specific time don't get adjusted by the software?
  • What if the next day's commitments can't be changed?
  • What if the auto-reschedule conflicts with another service (like an application of fertilizer?)
  • Route patterns change when new jobs are added to the mix
  • ... and many more

Scheduling software can help you organize your schedule, but it can't replace a human being who knows what can and can't be moved.

In the event of a rain day, you can manually re-arrange your schedule as you see fit, or you can leave your schedule alone and let your crews make good decisions to get caught up (a common practice).

Completing work on a day other than the day it was actually scheduled will not affect your crews' ability to mark a visit as 'complete'.  Even if they actually complete the work on a different day than originally scehduled, they will still be able to mark that visit as complete.  

When crews use their timesheet to mark a visit as 'complete', LMN scheduling will mark the earliest visit still flagged as 'scheduled' as the one completed. 


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