How do I extend the time (duration) for a single day or visit on a job?

Instructions for extending the working time (or duration) for a single date are the same for both maintenance and construction style jobs.

  1. Find the visit on the schedule that you wish to extend
  2. Click the Edit Visit button to make changes to that visit
  3. Click the Edit Today tab on the left to make change to that day's visit only
  4. Choose the dropdown option to Change Today's Crew or Duration
  5. Change the Today's Duration field to how much time you want the crew to spend there this day  (note that this time is in crew hours, not man hours)
  6. Click the Apply Changes button to make the adjustment

Note that this change will affect this visit only.  If you want to make changes to the duration for a job's entire schedule, use the Edit Sched tab to adjust the duration for ALL visits for this job.

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