How do I extend the schedule for a construction/installation job that we're falling behind on?

Work doesn't always go like we planned.  If you're falling behind on a job, you can extend a job's schedule with these simple steps:

  1. Find the job's schedule either on the calendar, or on the Schedule tab on the Job that you need to extend
  2. Click the Edit button on the Visit that you want to add time after
  3. On the edit visit screen, click the Edit Sched tab on the left side.  That's how you make changes to a job's entire schedule (as opposed to just a single day)
  4. Choose the dropdown option that says Change this Job's Schedule Starting From This Work Day
  5. The Man Hrs to Reschedule field shows the approximate man hours remaining on this job.  LMN uses the original estimated man hours, minus the man hours that have already been scheduled (not necessarily worked, but scheduled) to come up with this estimate.  Increase these man hours to add more man hours to the schedule.
  6. At this point you could also make changes to the crew, the crew size, or the working hours per day.  These changes will take effect for this date and any dates in the future.  Changes will not impact scheduled dates prior to the date you are editing.
  7. Click the Adjust Schedule button and LMN's scheduling tool will increase the scheduled duration of this job, based on your new inputs

Important Note:  LMN will not automatically move/adjust other jobs based on this change.  There are many instances where job start dates cannot be moved/affected, or other crews will be assigned to help finish the work.  Adjustments to other jobs on the schedule must be made by the person in charge of your company's scheduling.

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