difference standard estimate service estimate hourly per season faq standard vs service billing types billed per visit invoice contracts What is the difference between a Standard and a Service Estimate?

LMN Offers the option to do a Service estimate (ie. recurring work such as Maintenance) or a Standard estimate (ie. non-recurring projects such as construction).

The main differences between Standard and Service Estimates can be found below:

  • Service estimates offer the ability to set billing types to reflect Per Season, Per Visit or Per Hour/Unit. You will be able to generate proposals to fit your billing type (or a mixed report if you utilize more than one).

  • Service estimates will calculate the total for all of your Per Season billing areas and will allow you to split this amount between your desired number of payments.

  • Service estimates have Contract Start and Contract End date fields available for selection.

  • Service and Standard estimates have different proposal templates available for selection.


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