implement lmn timeline training support faq How long does it take to Implement LMN and LMN Time

Most of our users are up and running with the entire software within a month.  But you're going to want to user our free help and guidance along the way!

  • LMN's Online Help Center:  You're in it right now!  Hundreds of videos and answers to help you setup LMN correctly.
  • LMN's Online Chat:  When you login to LMN, you'll have access to our live chat operators during normal working hours.  Ask your question - get an answer right away!
  • LMN's Support:  Working late or not at your desk?  Email us at and we'll get you an answer as soon as possible.
  • LMN's Workshops and Bootcamps - We hold over 100 live, instructor-led training events every year all across North America.  Visit for the latest schedule of upcoming events near you.


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