How long does it take to Implement LMN and LMN Time

Most of our users are up and running with the entire software within a month.  

LMN teaches two day full day workshops in which companies at the end have a budget setup, a good start to their estimating catalog and have completed a couple estimates. With full attention you can get it setup and functional within a couple of days, without a workshop if you are watching our training videos and adding everything in you can be up and functional within a week.

LMN Time it will be based on a few factors... First thing your company will have to do is add your staff which is as easy as typing their name and if they need a login account entering their login details which will take no time at all. Your next step is to add your jobs and tasks in, when it comes to adding these in we have a couple options to speed it up, we can import jobs from estimates, we can setup default tasks so tasks get added automatically when you create jobs, and you can copy jobs if some are similar to save some time. A smaller company can get setup within a day, some larger companies can take upwards of a week depending on how much time they can dedicate to entering data and getting it setup.

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