error optimize routes route faq Please reorder manually The optimizer was unable to re-order this route ERROR: Optimizing Job Group - "The optimizer was unable to re-order this route. Please reorder manually"

If you receive an error when optimizing Job Group: The optimizer was unable to re-order this route. Please reorder manually, please follow the steps below to fix.

1. Double check every single address (street address, zip code, city, etc) in the route.  Look for mistakes, missing information, extra spaces or characters.  Check your jobs to ensure they have a latitude and longitude associated to the addresses. 

2.  If everything looks great, start removing sites from the route one at a time until the route will optimize.  Start with suspicious looking addresses - ones that might cause a problem.

3. If you remove all addresses and it still doesn't work, try changing your Start/End address.  Please note: if this were the issue, NONE of your optimizations would work.

Once you remove an address and it does start working, you know that was the problem address.  From here:

1. Go to CRM, fix the address (you might as well fix it for good across the entire application!).  Then go to the LMN Time job and click the update address button beside the address field.  That will pull the new, corrected address from CRM.

2. Save the job

3. Go back to your job group, add the site back in.  

If you are still experiencing issues after following the steps above, please contact for assistance.


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