budget archive delete budget faq archive budget Budget: How do I archive a budget?

Archiving a budget is simple, once you've got your ducks in a row.  Archived budgets will still exist (you're still going to want them around in case you review old estimates) but new estimates will use your new budget.
  1. Make sure you have a new budget ready and active.
  2. Open the budget you want to archive (make sure it's no longer a default) and click the ARCHIVE button. It's right on the first tab of the budget (just open your budget and its a red button on the bottom) as shown below.
  3. If the budget you are trying to archive is your default budget, you will need to set your new budget (or a different budget) as the default budget since you can't archive a budget if its set as a default. Here's how to setup a default budget:

Setup a Default Budget




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