error quickbooks online qbo object Object reference not set to instance export estimate error can't export estimate instance of an object ERROR: Object Reference Not Set to Instance of an Object

Are you getting an Error as a Job Status after marking your LMN estimate for queue when using QuickBooks Online? If so, here's a list things to double check to ensure that your Setup settings have been completed properly.

Example: Object reference not set to instance of an object.

99% of the time, the reason the Error message occurs is due to a failed match between the following:

  • LMN's Cost Codes and QuickBooks Online's Service Items
  • LMN's Cost Codes and QuickBooks Online's Classes
  • LMN's Customers and QuickBooks Online's Customers
  • LMN Time's Staff and QuickBooks Online's Staff/Employees
  • LMN's Tax Codes and QuickBooks Online's Tax Codes

    To ensure that a failed match between any of the following above is not the problem, please do the following:
    1. Log into your LMN account by clicking here:
    2. Find the QUICKBOOKS tile and click on it. Then, click QuickBooks Online.
    3. Log into your LMN QB Online Sync (same username and password as your LMN account).
    4. Find the SETUP tile and click on it.
    5. From there, go through each of the sections Link Service Items, Link Classes, Link Customers, Link Staff, Link Tax Codes and double check that there is a successful match between LMN's fields and the fields which are showing from your QuickBooks Online account.

For example:

When going through the Link Service Items matching, to verify that your QuickBooks Online Service Items were matched properly to LMN's Cost Codes, make sure the LMN Cost Codes used in your estimates are matched to QuickBooks Online Service Items.

When going through the Link Customers matching, to verify that your QuickBooks Online Customers were matched properly to your customers listed in LMN, make sure the LMN customer(s) used in your estimate(s) are matched to QuickBooks Online customer(s).

When going through the Link Tax Codes matching, to verify that your taxes are matched properly between LMN and QuickBooks Online, make sure that the QuickBooks Online field does not show a NON or TAX option. These options must be filled with a proper tax code with an actual tax rate.


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