NEW FEATURE! CRM – Classification 

You can now add a classification to each of your customers and leads!

Options for classification include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Other

To add classification to existing customers/leads, follow the steps below.

Adding classification to one customer/lead manually

Go to LMN>CRM>Contacts.

Select the customer/lead you wish to add a Classification to.

Select your classification from the drop down provided and click Save.


Adding classification to multiple customers/leads via import

Go to LMN>CRM>Contacts.  Click Export.

Select to Export all

Add classification to Column R as per below.

  • R = Residential
  • C = Commercial
  • G = Government
  • Blank = Undefined
  • Any other text = Other 

Save your document as a CSV file and go back to LMN>CRM>Contacts.

Click the Import button.

Ensure you have When a match is found, update the existing contact selected.  Select your file and then click Import.



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