production rate calculator calculator work area templates templates kits assemblies production rates client notes crew notes video Work Area Templates

Work Area Templates make landscape estimating fast, streamlined, and mistake-proof! Templates group labor, equipment, materials, calculators and even client/crew notes so that you can build complete, thorough landscape estimates in minutes, with far less errors and experience required.


In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • Create your own Work Area Templates (also known as Assemblies or Kits)
  • Add labor, equipment, materials and more to your templates
  • Build production rate calculators to calculate man hours based on a measurement (e.g. square feet or each plant)
  • Add default Client Notes to work area templates for instant, professional proposals
  • Add default Crew Notes to work area templates for streamlined operations, less mistakes, and crystal-clear insight into what the estimator had planned when they sold or estimated the job
  • How to use work area templates when estimating


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