materials categories material categories guide video Setting up Material Categories

Categories are easy to setup and will help you organize your materials and templates by type of work.


In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • Create material categories
  • Edit the name(s) of material categories
  • Assign categories to materials
  • View and add materials to estimates using categories


Creating Material Categories

Categories are a really handy way of organizing your Materials and Templates and making them faster to find when estimating.  For example, when estimating a garden, you could pull up a category called Grasses and all of your grasses could be found there.

Materials and templates can also belong to more than one category.  For instance, a material like gravel might be found in a Paver category, a Natural Stone category and a Drainage category.  You can add a single gravel item so that it shows up in all three categories.

But first, you need to setup categories.  

To create material categories manually

  1. Click the Item Catalog | Categories menu.
  2. Click the +New button to add a new material category.
  3. Add your Category name and click OK.


Category Tips

  • LMN can also create material categories when importing items from an import file.  Just add a column called "Category" to your import file.  If the category doesn't exist at the time of import, LMN will create one for you.  For more information on Material Imports, click HERE.
  • Please Note:  Only one material category can be assigned per item when importing from files.
  • You can Edit or Delete categories using the buttons to the right of that category.  Please Note:This action deletes the category name only.  Materials assigned to this category will not be deleted.



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