LMN Update 17.08 - Release Notes

LMN Budgeting & Estimating

CRM Updates

  • CRM Export - Tag Toggle - Created a toggle to allow the selection and de-selection of all tags at once in the crm export.
  • CRM Export - Date Created Column - Added the date created column to the CRM Export to allow filtering by date added.
  • Todo's Deletion - Todo's can now only be deleted by the creator preventing assigned users from simply deleting them. Improves accountability.
  • NEW FEATURE! CRM Google Address Lookup - Added google address lookup when typing in an address for a new contact/lead or jobsite. This will suggest and populate all applicable fields.

File Importing

  • Suspicious File Blocking - Implemented the blocking of suspicious file types when uploading files in LMN Pro.


LMN Time

Job Groups

  • NEW FEATURE! Optimized Job Groups - Export To Excel - Added the ability to export an Optimized job group to excel for easier external data manipulation.
  • NEW FEATURE! Optimized Job Groups - Select Start Time - Added the option to choose a start time for your optimized Job Group's route. 
  • NEW FEATURE! Optimized Job Groups - Invalid Address Error - If an address comes back invalid it will display a specific error for your optimized Job Group's route. 
  • NEW FEATURE! Optimized Job Groups - Map route view via LMN - Users can now see a map of your optimized Job Group's route. Users can now route up to 50 jobs.
  • NEW FEATURE! Optimized Job Groups - Print Feature - Users can now print their optimized Job Group. Users can now route up to 50 jobs.
  • NEW FEATURE! Optimized Job Groups - Ability to optimize up to 50 jobs - Users can now optimize up to 50 jobs.


  • Unscheduled Route - Save as Job Group Button - Added the ability to save an unscheduled route as a job group from the unscheduled route screen.


  • Blocking duplicate Invoice numbers - When manually changing invoice numbers user is now prevented from using an invoice number already in use.
  • Create Ad-Hoc Invoices - Added the ability to create ad-hoc invoices. This allows a user to create an invoice without the need to create an entire payment schedule.
  • Negative invoice Line Item Quantity - Allowed the use of negative quantities for line items in invoices.
  • Merge Invoices - Added the ability to merge multiple invoices together. This allows for greater billing flexibility and will give users the ability to push one invoice to Quickbooks for multiple LMN jobs. 


  • Added Staff Group Filters - Added the staff group filters to Employee hours (By job) and Job Hours (Employee Summary)
  • Job History Report Column - Added the cost code column to the Job History Report.
  • Crew Daily Report Add-on - Changed the task field to show task name and visit type.
  • Crew Daily Changes - Added Task Notes to the crew daily for recurring scheduled jobs. Added the ability to generate report from the unscheduled reports section. Resolved bug that skewed order of jobs.
  • Job Progress (Est vs Actual Hours) Excel Report - Added an excel estimated vs actual report.
  • NEW REPORT! Foreman Scorecard Report - Under LMN Time>Reports>Payroll/Staff, this report will show progress by foreman for accountability and project tracking.
  • NEW REPORT! Job Billing Setting Review - Under LMN Time>Reports>Billing, this report will show you all Services, Activities/Materials and Hourly Rates set up for a job.
  • NEW REPORT! Invoice Summary Report - Under LMN Time>Reports>Billing, this report will show a summary of all invoices generated.


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