sales forecast faq sales goal Budget: How detailed should I break down my sales goals?

Many companies like to break down their sales budget by setting smaller sales goals for each division.  Something like:

Installation Sales $400,000 $500,000
Maintenance Sales $250,000 $280,000
Turf Care/Fert Sales $200,000 $300,000

If you want to setup your sales budget this way, that's great.  Just don't get too detailed.  Trying to forecast 25 different revenue streams is confusing and unnecessary.   Try to group work-types together so you're forecasting 1-5 different revenue streams to arrive at your company total.

Note: If you really want to forecast 25 different revenue streams - go for it - LMN can handle it - but it will likely make things more confusing (and more work) than it needs to be.  You won't be splitting your overhead into 25 different segments, so it's not important to break your revenue down by each and every segment, like you might do in accounting.


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