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Sales Forecast Information

The key number in the sales budget is the Forecast which will indicate your Forecast Sales for the budget year. Your Previous numbers would be from the year prior.

We recommend breaking your sales down by Division Type (see screenshot below).

If you use an accounting software and wish to add your Account IDs to your LMN Budget, use the Acct. ID field provided.


Sales Forecast Tips

  • Include all cash sales in your LMN budget - even if you don't report those sales in your accounting.  Without cash sales, your numbers, and profit margins, will be inaccurate and will cause pricing errors.
  • Review the Forecast Sales in the middle tile at the top of the sales budget.  Make sure your forecast is realistic.  Being too aggressive, or too conservative can lead to mistakes in pricing.
  • Don't worry about creating a perfect budget right away.  When you get to the Analysis Tab of your budget, you will have a chance to review and edit if desired.  Even after a budget is activated, it can still be updated.
  • Use your sales budget as a tool for setting up the default profit margins for your estimates. If your budget's net profit is set to 4%, then your estimates will default to 4% as well.
  • By setting your sales budget to achieve a specific net profit, you'll make sure your estimates' pricing defaults to the same net profit.
  • If you do not want to adjust your sales goals as they stand, you can add a new line to your sales tab, called Adjustment to indicate the adjusted sales amount used to increase your profit margin, as shown below.



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