NEW FEATURE! Custom Estimate Naming Convention

Originally known as Default Budgets tab under the Estimating menu, this section has been renamed and updated to allow for further customization within your account! To access Estimate Settings, go to the Budgeting & Estimating end of the program and click on Estimate>Settings.


In LMN, we have had standardized naming on estimates for some time.  You can now determine from the Settings tab how your company's estimates will be named (e.g. Job Address | EstimateID | 2018).

Follow the steps below to adjust these settings.

Click on Estimate>Settings.


Under Default estimate name, enter any custom text you want to include in your estimate names.

Select your separator from the options provided.  The separator will separate the different pieces of text within your estimate name.  

Under Estimate name, use the dropdowns to determine what information you want to display.

Once you have selected your options, click Save Changes.


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