How do you track your snow leads?

Imagine that you are out in your truck plowing a site and your phone rings, its a potential customer looking for a quote on their property for snow and ice services. You whip out your address book and write down all of the customers information and let them know that you will be out to inspect their site. Time passes, you finish your route for the day/night and go home to sleep until your next shift. You wake up to do your route all over again and you totally forget about the phone conversation that you had with a potential customer. Does this sound like an issue you face during the winter months? Well LMN has a solution for you. 


LMN's CRM tool allows you to build a database of leads and customers, along with addressescontactsjobsitescommunication history and to-dos for each customer/lead.  And you guessed it, you can access your CRM from anywhere at anytime through the internet. Plus, you'll be able to track where your leads are coming from, add them to specific lists, and import/export lead lists via .csv files.



As you build your CRM database and create estimates for potential customers, you can generate Sales Reports by Division, by Estimator, by Salesperson, by Tag, or by Referral Source. LMN lets you know exactly which leads are providing you with work or not.


Sample Salesperson Report:




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