snow snow operations snow prep Preparing Snow Season Operations

Every snow season comes with a list of things that need to be done before the season even starts. Maybe some of these ring a bell:

  • Organizing jobs into routes
  • Assembling snow binders - site maps, inspection sheets, timesheets, site contact information
  • Securing salt supply and pricing
  • Preparing equipment - installing snow equipment, moving snow equipment
  • Site setup - mobilizing equipment, salt storage, salt bins

But one of the most important is securing and training staff for your snow season because without your staff you wouldn't be able to do the business that you do.

LMN contains Online Training developed for your staff so they can train from anywhere – at anytime. Staff can be setup to complete various online courses such as health + safety, business management, and estimating, just to name a few.

The online training is managed by one individual so that all staff have the appropriate training for their specific job role. The manager is able to setup employees, see which employees have completed which courses, and export any training records into excel files that they would like to keep on file.

This is just a sample of what our current online course catalog includes:

Accident Reporting
Back Care and Safe Materials Handling
Before You Start Your Budget
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cold Weather Safety
Construction Safety Orientation
Daily Vehicle Inspections
Defensive Driving
Design+Build Estimating Process
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Sprains and Strains
Trenching and Excavation
WHMIS Training
Design+Build Sales Process
Electrical Safety
First Aid
Getting Lean and Mean
Hand and Power Tool Safety
Hazard Communication
Heat and Hot Weather Safety
Job Hazard Analysis
Ladder Safety
Lockout/Tagout Safety
Mastering Overhead Cost Recovery and Pricing
Mastering Recruitment and Hiring
Power Tool Safety

Save time and money by implementing Employee Online Training through LMN.  Contact LMN Support today to find out how to get access to the Online Training portal at


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