snow snow verification Snow Service Verification Made Easy

The snow and ice industry is a risky industry to be in as you become liable for everything that happens on a site during the winter months. It is very important that you track and document pre-site inspections and the aftermath of a service so that you are legally covered. As we all know, if an accident happens onsite, we all know who gets the blame - the contractor.

So why not have your snow operators do the work for you? With LMN, your operators can:

  • Digitally clock in and out - which time stamps when and who was onsite with a GPS location.
  • Enter crew notes - letting you know any important information or problems in regards to that particular site.
  • Automatically track weather.
  • Take photo's - real snow service verification that the office can see instantly.

IMG_2290.JPG     IMG_2356.PNG    IMG_2361.PNG

As a snow contractor, you need to make sure that you have verification that you serviced each snow site and all of the details to go with it so if you do run into a lawsuit, you have your back covered.

From this data, your office staff can pull detailed job reports as your backup:



Don't get caught in the drifts, make sure that you are taking preventative measures during the snow season so that you don't regret it later.


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