snow tracking Do you know where your staff are?

The snow season can be a busy one and staying on top of everything to run your business can be hard.

Typically the operations manager needs to ensure...

  • Every property is getting the right service (different triggers, different de-icers)
  • Subcontractors are living up to their commitments 
  • Absent staff/broken equipment is being covered
  • Salt trucks are routed effectively - after the plow trucks/equipment
  • They know where the drivers are at and where they are on their routes
  • Finished drivers are re-routed (efficiently) to help others
  • and the list goes on and on...

You really need to know where your operators are at all times so that you can mange all of these things listed above. LMN's time tracking software - LMN Time, will give you all of these things and more to manage your company this snow season.

Check your operators progress on the jobsite in real-time...


See a summary view of which crews are clocked in, what job they are at, what time they clocked in and out, services completed, materials used, crew notes and photos taken at the site...


Or see where your crews are with GPS verification. Are they actually onsite? If not, see how many miles away they are from site...


Or see your crews progress on a map with a trail of where they have been...



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