How to prove to customers that you serviced their snow sites

Its the first snow storm of the season and your operators are out plowing and salting all night long. Your also awake trying to make sure that every contracted site is serviced and completed properly. You finally finish for the night when the sun starts to come up...and your phone rings. Its a customer that is complaining about their property...

Does this sound like you every time is snows? Well, it doesn't have to be anymore.

LMN introduces JobsiteWatch a mobile app that streams live site service updates direct to your phone or mobile device. Give your customers access to their own custom portal with Unlimited Access on their sites, from anywhere at anytime.


Instantly generate site reports for a week, month or any time period with our online reporting engine. Great for reconciling invoices.


Eliminate customer phone calls and issues and give them access to their own customer portal with JobsiteWatch.


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