snow snow event How do you analyze your data after a snow event?

Gone are the days where you have to collect hand-written time cards from your snow crews and decipher if thats the right information to bill your customer or pay your employees.

LMN Time offers many different types of reports - Payroll, Jobs, Billing, Scheduling, Dashboard, Exports.

Below is an example of a Job History Report that includes:

  • Job Name and address
  • Date and Time of the service performed
  • Tasks completed
  • Services completed
  • Activities completed
  • Materials tracked
  • Hourly rates for labor
  • Who was there
  • Any extra billing


This report will give you all of the information that you need with a click of a button. Something that used to take you weeks will now only take you minutes and give you accurate data for reporting. Know not only your job costs for this snow season, but it also helps you estimate more accurately for next season.


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