snow plow trucks tracking plow trucks Are your salt trucks having trouble tracking plow trucks?

If you have separate snow trucks and salt trucks, you know that it can be difficult to keep track of where an operator is. You try calling them and get no answer. It is a constant battle to figure out where your trucks are and what part of the route they are on. Its even harder for your salt truck drivers to find out where your snow plow drivers are. 

Make your operators more productive and efficient with giving them instant tracking access to each others routes with LMN Time. 

Your operators can be in their trucks, and use their mobile device to see where another operator is and what they have completed on their route. This makes is super easy for your salt trucks to keep track of where your plow operators are. This will ensure that a salt truck doesn't go to a site before a plow truck - which would be a waste of time and money.





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