snow route snow routes Routes How do you route your staff for snow?

As we all know, snow is very unpredictable which makes it very difficult to schedule. Not to mention, you still have to figure out your snow routes before you can even determine any type of staff organization for the winter. 

LMN Time's job groups are a great way to organize your snow jobs into related lists or even optimized routes for your snow season. Using job groups will make it easier, faster, and more efficient for your crews to find a job when they’re filling out their timesheet on their smart phone or mobile device. 

Setup your job group:


Optimize so that your job group is ordered in the fastest route possible:

Screen_Shot_2017-06-23_at_9.55.12_AM.png       Screen_Shot_2017-06-23_at_9.56.18_AM.png

Once setup, your foreman will instantly have access to using that job group when they clock in...


The advantage of job groups is that they will never disappear once setup and they will always be available for your operators to clock into. So if you have one operator that needs to complete another operators route (which happens often), then that operator can access the other operators job group and follow their route for that shift. 


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