Tired of Collecting Paper Timesheets? Us too.

Doing snow maintenance in the field is just the beginning of the work...the paperwork that has to be dealt with after the snow event is just as as critical. 

Post-Event Operations:

  • Collect hand-written sheets from all drivers (not all drivers return to shop!)
  • Decipher hand-written sheets (hands are cold, papers get wet - melted snow)
  • AM/PM are never clear - start dates can even be ambiguous
  • Paperwork is filled in at the end of the route, making it inaccurate
  • Snow log times - payroll
  • Snow log services - billing
  • Unbillable time goes untracked/unmeasured
  • Salt invoices/packing slips get turned in
  • Paperwork must be filed (min 3 years - could be up to 7)

It is impossible to handle all of this without a tracking system, like LMN Time. LMN Time allows your snow operators to digitally track their own time in the field which eliminates more than half of the items listed above. All the while, your snow operations manager can see where each operator is at all times and their start/end times in real-time.


Post-Event Operations (using LMN Time):

  • Login to LMN Time to Edit and Approve timesheets
  • Export to QuickBooks for payroll


Wouldn't you rather have the ladder of the two options? Save time, money and make your snow business more efficient with better systems this snow season. 



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