Ready to Eliminate Snow Binders this Season?

Lets all face the facts, snow binders suck. You not only need to have a binder for each operator that includes their route but each binder needs to include other operators routes just incase one operator needs to take over for another. Or if someone calls in sick. Or if someone just simply doesn't show up. The list could go on and on. We all know that you can't eliminate snow binders all together, but why not make them electronic so that each operator can access jobsite info, routes, and directions from anywhere at anytime?

LMNPro gives you the ability to upload unlimited files, photos and attachments - anything that you would need in a snow binder can be simply added to your LMN Time Jobs for reference.


If that isn't enough, LMNPro also gives your operators the ability to upload their own photo's right from the jobsite and mark them critical so that the snow operations manager can deal with it right away.  


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