Do you know what your production rates are?

Pricing snow jobs year after year can be difficult when you don't have a consistent pricing method. Using LMN Time's Production Rate Calculator gives you the ability to enter your production rates and use them for estimating your snow jobs so that your pricing is consistent every single year. You can even have someone else in the office start estimating for you and you know that your pricing will be right every single time.

In the calculator below, we show an example of a Plowing & Salting Calculator that you can build in LMN. We have combined all of the possible time for clearing the site, including snow plowing, lot salting, walk shoveling, and walk salting - entering in how long it takes per man hour to complete a certain task. When you start building estimates, you simply click a button enter in the actual amount and LMN calculates all of your labour hours for you. 


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