5 Benefits of Timely Feedback

Using technology in your snow business gives you the ability to see what is happening within your company from anywhere at anytime so that you can provide feedback immediately to your crews.

The 7 Benefits of Timely Feedback:

1. Motivation

  • Recognize achievers.
  • Demonstrate importance of on-time performance. 
  • Are we trending to bonuses/incentives?

2. Surface Problems

  • Consistent obstacles are identified instead of sweeping them under the rug.

3. Billing Information

  • Services performed
  • Extras
  • Changes

4. Payroll Information

  • Pay crews on time
  • pay crews accurately

5. Job Progress Tracking

  • Monitor estimated vs. actual hours
  • Plan execution daily

If you don't provide timely feedback based on your software jobcosting, you will lose good staff and attract bad staff.

Good Staff

  • Can't get recognized
  • Feel stress/anxiety
  • Have nothing to 'chase' after 
  • Are less motivated
  • Will eventually leave the company

Poor Staff

  • Have a place to 'hide'
  • Will stay as long as you let them

LMN software provides the solution to giving real-time feedback to your crews and office staff as it verifies paperwork in instantly:

  • Ensures timesheets are submitted correctly and promptly
  • Real-time monitoring of crews and staff




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