Common Estimating Methods that Kill Good Jobcosting

Many snow contractors determine their pricing by:

1. Area Pricing - installs or serviced based on a price per square foot.

2. Guesstimating - pricing based on past projects, or off the cuff estimates.

Both of these methods are not in your best interest for pricing your work as they are simply guesses.

How Guesstimates Kill Jobcosting:


Stop guessing and define your pricing in a consistently priced estimate as it is the estimate that defines the framework for tracking/jobcosting:

  • Jobs are broken down into phases/tasks for tracking
  • Each phase/task has estimated hours (plus planned equipment, materials, etc.)
  • This becomes the framework of how the job will be tracked, reported, and scored.


You can't leave crews and accounting to "guess" how we want the job tracked because by then, its too late.

  • "Is salting and plowing tracked separate?"
  • "Are walkways and driveways tracked separate?"
  • "Do some sites merge those tasks together and others separate?"
  • "Do we track time by event depth?"

Lesson Learned - The Estimate Defines the Framework

Everyone is your company knows how the job needs to be tracked which equals less time processing data and more accurate data for future years.




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