Bullet Proof Billing for Snow

Keeping track of what needs to be billed during a snow season can be a nightmare if you don't have the proper systems in place. 

We all know what can happen...

Lost Billing:

  • Lost paperwork
  • Services not documented correctly/completely
  • Data entry mistakes
  • Too many/too complicated contract & billing types

Get bullet proof billing for snow with LMNPro for snow contractors. Eliminate any type of lost billing permanently as all of your billing will be tracked for you and invoices will automatically be generated for you after each snow event.

Every time your snow operators clock in and out of a jobsite, LMN Time is going to ask them, "What service was completed?" and "How much material did you use?". As they clock into LMN Time is already automatically tracking where they are with GPS verification, who was there, their hours onsite, and weather. The snow operators also have the ability to enter task notes (as shown below) and photos.


IMG_2354.PNG                      IMG_2356.PNG


Once their timesheet is submitted LMN Time will instantly create an invoice based on what was completed onsite (as shown below).



You can then review and approve that invoice to be sent to your customer right away. 


No more wondering whether all of your customers have been billed for the proper service or not. Save hundreds of hours in office admin work after a snow event and make it all automatic with LMN Time's invoicing.


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