How to Make Sure Your Snow Operators are Efficient and Effective This Snow Season

Fact: A good plow operator can save 30% of time vs. untrained operators. This returns a better profit for you at the end of your snow season. One way to turn your plow operators into good plow operators is by having better site maps.

Maps should clearly illustrate:

  • Plow locations
  • Pile locations 
  • Walkway locations 
  • Special notes/warnings
  • Efficient method and order of operations



Benefits of Better Site Maps:

  • Can be created in just a few minutes with a tool called Snagit - then uploaded to LMN Time for instant access for all snow operators in the field.
  • Better quality control/customer service
  • Any driver can be dispatched and be effective - if an operator calls in sick and someone else needs to cover their shift, then any operator can login to LMN Time and see routes and sites maps for any jobsite. 
  • Share best plowing practices across company
  • Built-in training for new operators
  • Use feedback to update/improve


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