Is Unbillable Time Sapping Your Potential Snow Revenue?

On average, snow staff produce $120/hr in revenue per man hr. This includes labor rate, materials, equipment charges, overhead & profit.

Below is just an example of how unbillable time equals unbillable revenue for snow work:


How can you fix this?

  1. Reduce Driving Time
  • Concentrate sales near existing sites - LMN's mobile estimating will give you the ability to estimate right from the field so their is no wait time for a potential client. You can be onsite and email their quotation to them right away.
  • Concentrate/optimize routes - LMN Time's Job Groups will take your list of jobs and automatically optimize all of your snow routes for the season. You give the system a starting and ending point and LMN will do the rest of the work with a click of a button.
  • Stock salt at the yard - This eliminates your operators from driving to salt depots where they might be waiting for hours to get salt.
  • Setup temporary winter yards closer to site(s)

   2. Dedicated Salt Trucks

  • Less salt refills equals less unbillable time
  • Dedicated salt trucks increase revenue - generating time for plow trucks
  • Require less labor/trucks on salt only events
  • Increased revenue from plow trucks covering salt trucks lease.


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