Do you know how to Calibrate your Salters?

Fact: Most sites are over-salted every single year.

Over salting results in time wasted, money lost and most of all, it hurts your bottom line. The key is to determine how much salt is spun out of your salter by the minute - this will save you 20%-30% of salt costs.

 Try this method to calibrate your salters:

  1. Weigh empty container
  2. Fill salter with salt
  3. Spin at normal speed for 15 seconds
  4. Weigh salt dispensed 
  5. Multiply by 4 to find lbs/min
  6. This will equal your Flow Rate


Set Salt Targets for Sites:

  1. Measure your property size
  2. Multiply salt app rate (e.g. 1/2 ton per acre) by site size for salt app amount
  3. Multiply salt app amount by flow rate to find target salting minutes.

Your target salting minutes can then be added to your Task Notes for all of your snow jobs in LMN time. Every time a snow operator clocks into a job, an automatic note will pop-up, letting them know how many minutes the salter should be on at that particular jobsite. 


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