Want Great Customer Service this Snow Season?

The snow season can be hard, especially when we have to deal with unhappy customers. We all get the calls from customers - "when are you getting here? You haven't been here/what time were you at our lot? Your guys missed an area or they didn't do the whole area". 

Why not let your customers have their own client portal where they can login to their sites anytime, from anywhere to see whether their site has been serviced? Be transparent and dependable and let them know that their lot has been serviced just like you said it would be. Separate yourself from the competition with LMN's JobsiteWatch.

JobsiteWatch is a app that streams live site service updates direct to your phone or mobile device. 




Manage your jobsites with our mobile app and get live site status, service notes and weather information direct to your phone or mobile device. Watch how efficient and effective your jobsites get with the transparency of JobsiteWatch.


Instantly generate site reports for a week, month or any time period with our online reporting engine. Great for reconciling invoices. 


With the swipe of your finger, send an instant text, email or phone call about a site. Connect instantly with your assigned rep for rapid answers.

Contact support@golmn.com for more information and pricing on JobsiteWatch.

Visit jobsitewatch.com




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