Real-Time Tracking for Snow Jobs

It's 3am and its snowing... and you need to quickly see what sites have been hit, and which ones are still waiting.  

With the new Live Map screen, now you can view the statuses of all your jobs on a map, live and real-time.  

  1. Press the jobs menu in LMN Time
  2. Press the live map menu on the left hand side menu
  3. Select a Job Group  (loading all your jobs and history on one map could really bog down performance.  For this reason, you must use Live Map with job groups and a job group must have less than 50 jobs in order to work with Live Maps.)
  4. Jobs pins are color-coded and the legend at the top explains the coding.  For instance, jobs in light blue have been done more than 6 hours ago, but less than 12 hours ago.
  5. To view detailed information about a specific jobsite
    1. Click the pin of the job you want to view
    2. The last visit information will appear in a window on the right side including:
      1. In time
      2. Out time (if the job is not currently in progress)
      3. Foreman name
      4. Task name
      5. Any activities that were selected
      6. Any notes that have been entered
    3. To view information about the last 5 visits, press the Show More button
    4. (if you need to see even more history about a job, use the Job History menu on the left side)




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