Reviewing Timesheet Photos

Reviewing your crew’s Timesheet Photos is instant and at your fingertips. There are two main areas where you can view these photos: directly on each Job (Timesheet Photos)  or directly on a Timesheet (Timesheet Review).

How to Access a Crew's Timesheet Photos Directly Within the Job:

  1. Select JOBS.
  2. Select the Job you wish to review.
  3. Under ‘Review’, select TIMESHEET PHOTOS.
    Your Photos organized with the most recent ones at the top.
  4. Toggle your date range of Photos to ALL PHOTOS or to a specific MONTH/YEAR.
  5. Narrow down your list photos by typing in keywords in the Search field.
  6. Select Download, Edit or Delete based on the action you wish to take on a photo.
  7. Select Download Archive to download all of the photos on-screen.

How to Access a Crew's Timesheet Photos Within a Timesheet:

  1. Select Time.
  2. Select Timesheet Review.
  3. Select which Date you wish to review.
  4. By Default, ALL STAFF GROUPS are selected; displaying your crew’s timesheets. To narrow the list of timesheets to a specific Staff Group, click the filter drop-down and select the Staff Group you wish to review.
  5. Press View to Refresh your timesheet results.
    NOTE: Timesheets that appear in GREEN have no photos that have been marked as Critical. Timesheets that appear in ORANGE contain photos have been marked as Critical.
  6. Select the Foreman’s Name for the timesheet you wish to review. 
    The following information will be accessible for review: Job Names and Tasks, Times In/Out, Services / Activities performed on this visit, Crew Notes, Photos.


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