Files + Attachments

By using the File + Attachment feature in LMN Pro you are able to improve the communication at your company and your access to relevant information. There is a limit of 30mb for uploading files which is generally sufficient for any type of photo, word/excel/PDF file or even a video. There are four different areas where you can upload files and photos which we will describe in this article.

1. CRM Contacts

If your client is a residential customer or if they only have one jobsite, then it might make sense to use the top level client files.

  1. LOGIN to LMN
  2. Click on CRM > CONTACTS
  3. Click into a CONTACT
  4. Click on FILES tab at the top of the screen
  5. Click UPLOAD FILES, choose your file and click UPLOAD

*If needed you can select multiple files in one upload. The newest uploaded or edited file will appear at the top of the list.



Delete: Allows you to delete individual files. 

Download: Allows you to download an individual file. The download option will be based on your own browser settings, so if you are not sure where they went after you clicked Download button then check your browser download settings.

Edit: If you click on this button, you can edit your file name and description, you can also replace your photo or file by clicking on Replace.

Download All: Clicking this button allows you to download all files uploaded within this contact. This is handy if you accidentally uploaded a bunch of files to the wrong area, or wrong client/lead. 



2. Jobsite Files

Jobsite files are where you are getting more specific with your file and photo organizing. If your client/lead has more than one property that you manage (ex. second property or cottage), or if you are dealing with a property management or commercial client, then you will want to upload files and photos to the specific sites.

  2. Click on the JOBSITE NAME
  3. Click on JOBSITE FILES


To upload photos to your Jobsite:

  1. Click on the TIMESHEET PHOTOS tab.

When crews take photos with the LMN Time app while out in the field, those photos will automatically populate here for your records (as shown below). Furthermore, you can see that any photos that were tagged as Critical in the LMN Time app will show up in red with an alert icon. 



3. Estimate Files 

There is also a file storage area on a job-by-job basis (not just client level or jobsite level). Storing files in an estimate is great for uploading site measurements, tender documents, quality control specifications... or anything related to that actual job itself. 

  1. Click on ESTIMATE, then click STANDARD or SERVICE
  2. Click into an ESTIMATE
  3. Click on the FILES tab at the top of the screen


4. LMN Time Jobs 

There is a Job Files area in a job in LMN Time. As shown below, there will be two options to attach files to a job in LMN Time. The purpose of these files compared to the estimate or CRM file is that files in a job in LMN Time will show up for the foreman in the LMN Time Field App.

  1. LOGIN to LMN Time
  2. Click on JOBS at the top of the screen
  3. Click into a JOB
  4. On the left side menu, click on JOB FILES 

IMPORTANT: We recommend keeping files at a 5mb data size for the purposes of being viewed from the field app. Larger files (up to 30mb) will work, but based on a mobile phones network connection it could take longer than anticipated to open a file. Furthermore, if a foreman is opening larger files consistently, it will use much more data than the LMN Time app would typically use on a normal day.


By clicking Link from CRM you can view all files that have been uploaded in your CRM and Estimate as it makes the connection to a client/lead CRM file. Keep in mind, any file that is added to a job in LMN Time will be view-able from the field app!



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