Viewing + Editing Invoices

Once you build contracts and generate your invoices for your completed work there are several ways to access and edit those invoices before you get paid and make money! This article will first show you how to access those invoices and then how to edit those invoices before you export them to QuickBooks for payment or complete the final transaction manually. 

Viewing Invoices:

Invoicing Screen

  1. In LMN Time, Click on INVOICES in the top menu
  2. Click on INVOICES on the left side menu
  3. Click on a CUSTOMER INVOICE
  4. You can edit your invoice from this screen by simply clicking on any field that you want to edit


Jobs Screen

  1. Click on JOBS in the top menu
  2. Click into a JOB
  3. Click on INVOICES
  4. Click into a CUSTOMER INVOICE
  5. You can edit your invoice from this screen by simply clicking on any field that you want to edit

Note: If you want to edit the Billing or Jobsite Address, you will have to go into the CRM Tool to update. This will automatically update your estimate, contract and invoice.

Editing Invoices:

  • The Acctng#, PO# and Contract # come from the contact that you created for that job, but they are not mandatory. 
    • VERY IMPORTANT: LMN generates an invoice # for you. When you export an invoice to QuickBooks it will also generate a QB invoice number which will translate back to the Acctng Inv# on your LMN invoice. This is because your QuickBooks invoice should take precedent for accounting purposes and we do not want to mess up that process. If you need more clarification on this please contact LMN support.
    • After an invoice is created you can add additional line items to it. This will not interfere with your original contract details from an estimating point of view. It will only affect your actually billing. You can do this by clicking the Add New Item in an invoice as show below.
  • There are three buttons in the bottom left corner of an invoice designed to make your life easier and take you back to the place you were working on last. They are called Back to RunBack to Invoices and Back to Job. These are the places that you access the invoice from after you generated them.
  • The last step is to Approve and Export (to QuickBooks) if you have the security privileges to do so.
  • There is also a Print option which is available if you do not use QuickBooks and/or prefer to approve invoices by paper methods as shown below.


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